When to Call a Plumber

Many home and business owners find it difficult to decide when to call a professional. It can be tempting to try and fix the problem yourself, but some problems require professional equipment and skills. We’ll give you a few cases in which you should definitely call a plumber immediately, as failing to do so can

Tips to Fix a Clogged Toilet

Although major blockages will always require professional assistance, you can probably remove a minor clog yourself with the right advice and a few tools. The trusty plunger It’s a great idea to make sure that you’ve got a plunger stored somewhere in your home or business. Once you’ve noticed that the toilet is clogged, make

Tips for Conserving Water

A few water conservation tips from the plumbing experts Many of us take water for granted without realising the enormous effort which has gone into developing modern plumbing, sanitation, and catchment practices. Events such as Earth Day give us a chance to reflect on how we use water, and how vital it is to conserve

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Many people are rightly concerned about the various chemicals, bacteria, and particles in our drinking water. There is a way to get fresh, clean drinking water which is generated in your own home via reverse osmosis. A home reverse osmosis system is a series of tubes and filters which clears any impurities from the water.

Preventing Sewer Backup

Sewer backups are among the most serious and common plumbing issues faced by businesses and homeowners. They occur when the amount of material being flushed into a sewerage system, be it a home or businesses septic system, or a public sewer system, exceed the capacity of that system. This can result in a blockage, damage

Maintaining an Efficient Bathroom

Keeping water consumption under control and maintaining a good set of preventative maintenance and cleaning practices will keep home and business owners in control of the water they use and the money they spend on plumbing repairs. There are many things you can do to make sure that you use your bathroom in a way

Low Water Pressure

For plumbing purposes, water pressure refers to the amount of force carrying water from the mains to the pipes. Water pressure is determined by how many people are connected to the main supply as well as the ground level in relation to your premises. Hilltop areas and apartment buildings will have lower pressure than valleys

Installing a New Tap

How to install a tap A hallmark of DIY renovation, knowing how to install a new tap in your kitchen or bathroom is a great skill which can save you time and money lost through leaky old fixtures. If a tap is leaking excessively, or you think the problem may not be caused by the

How to Clean Your Showerhead

Over time, biofilm, metals, and other sediment collect inside showerheads and can cause them to become blocked. A blocked showerhead causes an immense build-up of bacteria, places increased strain on your pipes and joints, and reduces the water efficiency of your shower. How to clean your showerhead A good way to start is by removing

Hot Water Systems

Help your plumber help you by getting to know your hot water service. This familiarity will enable you to deal with any problems that occur and also help you spot them before they get out of hand. A professional may need access to some basic facts in the event of a plumbing emergency, so it’s

Finding Your Main Water Valve

Knowing where to find your main water valve is very important, as shutting off the water is the first thing you should in the case of a plumbing emergency. Generally, a water valve is located somewhere on your premises to regulate the incoming water from the main supply. Every home and business owner needs to

Conserving Water in the Bathroom

People are paying more attention to their water consumption these days, and so many are wondering what they can do to cut back on wastage. There are many simple measures the home or business owner can take to minimise wasting water and cut back on the bills. We will list some of these below. Like