Biofilm buildup

Biofilm buildup is the name given to the collection of bacteria and other microorganisms which inhabit your plumbing system, as well as their waste. Biofilm buildup usually looks like a dark, sticky slime which gathers in your fixtures, drains, and pipes. Biofilm buildup can cause issues relating to hygiene and cleanliness, so it is important to know how to deal with it before it gets out of hand.


The effects of biofilm buildup

The bacteria and related waste which make up biofilm pose a biological hazard, and can cause ailments such as those caused by e.coli, salmonella, and listeria. Ear infections, MRSA, and Legionnaires Disease can also be caused by the presence of excess biofilm in a plumbing system.
Kitchens, both domestic and commercial, are particularly risky areas seeing as disease vectors such as raw meat and fish are present. These disperse more bacteria into your system and increase build-ups, which often attach themselves to metal aeration screens on taps. This is a risk because biofilm buildup can break off from the screen and come into contact with utensils or find its way onto hands or into drinking water.
If you have experienced blocked drains or blocked sewer backups in your system, biofilm buildup could be a side effect. If water from a back up or blockage leaks or floods surfaces, you should properly disinfect and dry these surfaces to minimise any associated health risks.

How to prevent the build-up of biofilm

The most simple way to prevent excessive growth of biofilm buildup is to clean your fixtures by hand. Using a cleaning spray and damp cloth, wipe away any residue or stains which appear on your fixtures, and be sure to thoroughly wipe down the metal aeration screen. An old toothbrush is a good tool for cleaning hard to reach spots. If there are some stains or marks which are hard to get off, try using baking soda to break them down. It is a good idea to remove the metal aeration screen from your taps from time to time and soak them in a cleaning solution. As a general rule, try to clean food preparation areas thoroughly to prevent the spread of bacteria.
A blocked drain is the perfect place for biofilm buildup to grow, so it is important that you have your drains cleaned if this is an issue. Clearing a blocked drain with a water jet machine is the perfect way to deal with biofilm buildup.

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