Blocked Drain

The blocked drain experts at Drainfast started out as a licensed, trade-qualified team of blocked drain plumbers specialising in blocked drain unblocking and drain cleaning services in Melbourne. We have since moved on to cover all aspects of domestic, commercial, and industrial plumbing, but dealing with blocked drains remains one of the primary services we deliver to clients across Melbourne. With over 15 years experience delivering competitive and reliable blocked drain cleaning services to Melbourne’s community, we know blocked drain problems inside and out.


Whether the drain is connected to a blocked toilet, appliance, storm water system, kitchen sink, shower, or surface drain, we can identify the problem using our cameras and clean and clear the blocked drain using water jetter drain cleaning machines and other powerful tools of the trade.

Drainfast are professionally licensed, with all our blocked drain work being guaranteed by the Australian Plumbing Standards.

We offer several guides on this website about how to go about unblocking minor blocked showers, blocked sinks, and blocked toilets yourself. These give you a good place to start when dealing with these common blocked drain problems and they give you an excuse to put off calling us for a while about your blocked drain.

Blocked drains are a common and troublesome issue. You may have tried to solve the problem with a plunger and some homemade drain cleaner (instructions can be found on this site), but if you have had no success it’s time to call a professional to unblock your blocked drain.

Toilets and other fixtures also become blocked fairly often, as do washing machines and dishwashers. We can advise you on how to look after your system to prevent blocked drains from occurring in the first place, as well as how to deal with them once a blocked drain does occur.

If you have any questions, or would like to receive quote on our unblocking blocked drains and blocked drain cleaning service, please call us today. Our general plumbing service and emergency 24 hour plumber service are ready to make your blocked drain problems history.

Blocked Drain Services Melbourne

Blocked drain services are a class of their own when it comes to the work performed, the experience and tools required, and the professional mindset capable of delivering outstanding blocked drain solutions time after time.
Over our nearly two decades in serving the domestic and business communities of Melbourne, Drainfast have chosen the blocked drain calling, seeing it as an area of need that must be satisfied in order to save the Melbourne community from the horrors of blocked drain, blocked toilet, blocked sewer, and other blocked drain plumbing issues that can cause damage and mess beyond belief.

Our methods for clearing blocked drains are modern yet informed by extensive experience in traditional trade-qualified plumbing practices, with a focus on knowledge of various plumbing systems and layouts to quickly identify and resolve blocked drain issues.

As you read on, you will discover that Drainfast blocked drain services combine many plumbing services in to one comprehensive blocked drain service, including camera drain inspection, drain cleaning, and maintenance. This allows us to deliver blocked drain solutions that stand the test of time, giving you the best value for money blocked drain services Melbourne has to offer.

We Specialise in Blocked Drain Plumbing

Drainfast are blocked drain and drain cleaning specialists, who in addition to trade-qualified knowledge of plumbing systems and their operation, components, and related issues, have an extensive amount of professional experience dealing exclusively with blocked drains including blocked sewers, blocked stormwater drains, blocked toilets, blocked sink drains, and many more domestic, commercial, and industrial blocked drain issues.

By engaging a specialist Melbourne blocked drain plumber such as Drainfast, you are not only relying on our own word, you can rely on our almost two decades worth of excellent blocked drain outcomes for business and domestic clients across Melbourne. We deliver fast relief from blocked drain, blocked sewer, blocked toilet, and any plumbing issues that involve blocked drains and pipes. Unlike some competing blocked drain plumbers in Melbourne, we promise to have your blocked drain or blocked sewer fixed for good; Drainfast doesn’t deliver bandaid fixes, we deliver comprehensive and effective blocked drain solutions.

If you have a problem with the exhaust system on your car or vehicle, you are better off obtaining assistance from an exhaust specialist rather than a general mechanic. Likewise for blocked drain plumbing issues and drain cleaning services, these call for an experienced, professional, and committed approach that is only provided by those willing to devote their career to solving blocked drain and blocked sewer problems.

A general plumber certainly has the qualifications and knowledge to work on blocked drains, blocked sewers, blocked toilets etc. but if it is not an area they specialize in, then they may not have seen a situation like your blocked drain before and therefore will not have an immediate or comprehensive solution. This is what sets blocked drain plumbers such as Drainfast apart from general and other plumbers, as well as those looking to make quick cash by clearing blocked drains here in Melbourne.

So, what separates Drainfast from other blocked drain plumbers here in Melbourne? As mentioned previously, we are a well-established business that has been providing blocked drain and drain cleaning services across Melbourne for over 15 years. With many newcomers and inexperienced tradesmen in Melbourne these days thanks to our ongoing construction and housing industry boom, a quick online search is sure to come back with a huge number of businesses offering cheap drain cleaning and blocked drain clearing services.

Blocked Drain Services You Can Trust

Unfortunately, blocked drain plumbing and drain cleaning can be looked on as a bit of an easy way of making a quick buck for some plumbers. Such operators may believe that expensive professional plumbing equipment such as in-drain cameras and other devices and tools of the trade are not required for clearing blocked drains, and that a simple plumbing snake or simple water jetter will do the trick.

As many of our blocked drain clients across Melbourne have discovered the hard way, blocked drain issues are often much more serious than an inexperienced or unscrupulous plumber may have you believe. Blocked drains can be a symptom of serious damage or disruption in your plumbing system, that could have a significant impact on your home or business if left unresolved.

Because of this, it is absolutely vital that in drain cameras be used to inspect blocked drains and that these cameras are used before, during, and after drain cleaning even if a drain is not blocked. Why is this so important? In drain cameras are able to identify the source of a blocked drain quickly and efficiently, allowing our blocked drain team to clear the blockage and ensure that there is no damage to pipes or joints connected to the blocked drain.
Likewise, when performing drain cleaning, in drain cameras not only identify parts of the drain that require additional attention, they are also used to identify any cracks, leaks, wearing down or general damage and disrepair inside your plumbing system.

So please, don’t be fooled into jumping at the first cheap blocked drain plumber ad you find when looking for a blocked drain plumber in Melbourne. The difference in price is negligible, but the difference in service is almost immeasurable, and cheap/unscrupulous blocked drain plumbers could have you forking out much more money down the line in repair or replacement of pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Drainfast always strives to deliver the most comprehensive, effective, yet cost-efficient blocked drain plumbing services that Melbourne has to offer. Our extensive experience in blocked drain plumbing and drain cleaning, coupled with our uncompromising attitude to service and product quality make us a sure bet when you need a Melbourne blocked drain plumber.

Blocked Toilet Drain Melbourne

A blocked toilet drain can cause a lot of trouble for even the most conscientious homeowners here in Melbourne. Due to the private nature of modern toilet use, it is almost impossible to regulate what gets flushed and what doesn’t, especially if you have kids or household members that use a lot of sanitary products and cotton-based beauty products.
By keeping a bin next to your toilet, you reduce the chance of un-flushable material ending up in your sewer drain and creating a blocked toilet. But this, of course, is not the solution to blocked toilet issues, as a blocked toilet can come about in many ways.

Of course, some blocked toilet problems are relatively minor and can be resolved using a plunger and perhaps some natural drain cleaning liquid to soften up the blockage. This is often the case when a blocked toilet is the result of too much flushed toilet paper or waste material.

A blocked toilet can be a sign of deeper trouble in some cases, especially where no un-flushable material such as cotton based products or sanitary wipes have been flushed, thus leaving no immediate sign of what may have blocked the toilet drain. Sewer drain problems are a common cause of the blocked toilet issues our Melbourne blocked drain team deals with, especially where stormwater drains have overflowed or been misconnected so as to flow in to the sewer drain.

If you come across a blocked toilet drain in your home or business that seems to be more serious than just too much toilet paper or a larger than usual amount of toilet waste, then the Melbourne blocked drain and blocked toilet experts at Drainfast stand at the ready to clear your blocked toilet.

By using our extensive knowledge of toilet drains, sewer drains, and other drains in your plumbing system, we can identify where the problem may lie and how serious it is likely to be. If no immediate cause can be located, our blocked toilet experts will get to work with an in drain camera attached to a water jetter drain cleaning machine. This allows our blocked drain specialists to inspect your blocked toilet drain and sewer drain to identify any structural or mechanical issues, as well as the location and composition of any blockages.

Our water jetter drain cleaning device can then be used to clear the blockage with guided precision as well as clean your toilet drain and sewer drain. Thanks to the in drain cameras attached to our water jetter drain cleaning units, we can simultaneously perform a thorough camera drain inspection on your toilet drain and sewer drain to identify any other issues that may need to be addressed.

Blocked Sewer Drain Melbourne

A blocked sewer drain is perhaps the dirtiest and most demanding blocked drain job, making it the perfect calling for the blocked drain specialists at Drainfast. The first sign of a blocked sewer drain may be that low-lying drains in your home or business appear to be blocked or draining more slowly than usual. Such drains include your toilet drain, shower drain, bath drain, or basement and laundry sink drains. These drains connect to your sewer drain and flow into the local sewer system, or a septic tank in some cases. Often, it is these drains that a client notices are affected before the real problem, a blocked sewer drain, is brought to light.

Blocked sewer drains can create a range of problems, including sewer backups that can have sewer waste exude from the low-lying drains that we mentioned before. Sewer backups from blocked sewer drain problems can pose a serious health hazard and a terrible mess.

Drainfast’s blocked drain and blocked sewer experts will respond swiftly to your calls of a blocked sewer drain or sewer backup and promptly identify the cause of your blocked sewer drain. If the cause is external, such as a stormwater drain overflow or blocked drain in your stormwater system/misconnected stormwater drain, this will need to be remedied before your blocked sewer drain can be brought under control.

If no apparent external cause is present, we will need to perform a thorough internal inspection of the blocked sewer drain and related components of your plumbing system, allowing our blocked sewer drain experts to promptly resolve the issue.

Blocked Stormwater Drain Melbourne

A blocked stormwater drain can occur in even the most fresh an new plumbing system in the event of extreme weather or heavy autumnal leaf fall, as well as other events that may create a buildup of debris in your gutters and drainpipes.

A blocked stormwater drain is a serious issue as far as blocked drain issues go, as a blocked stormwater drain can lead to a buildup of water that leads to leaks and water damage.

Additionally, a blocked stormwater drain can overflow, with some of this overflow potentially ending up in your sewer drain. Blocked stormwater drains are a common cause of sewer drain problems, as well as internal leaks and flooding that damage the surfaces of your home.

A blocked stormwater drain in Melbourne calls for a rapid and effective response from an experienced blocked drain and emergency drain cleaning plumber such as Drainfast.

Blocked Sink Drain Melbourne

As we mentioned previously with regard to blocked toilet drain and blocked sewer drain issues, the flushing or washing or materials down your drains is often what creates a blocked drain! Unlike your toilet drain and sewer drain, which are actually capable of transporting semi-solid material in high volumes, sink drains are not designed to carry away any material other than water and small particles.

The most common cause of a blocked sink drain is washing dishes that still have scraps of food or oil on them. Oil in particular is a major concern for blocked sink drain plumbers such as the Drainfast team, because oil solidifies in pipes and is not water soluble, meaning it does not wash away with water and instead catches on the first surface that will hold it. Once an oil clog as formed in your sink drain, it will catch other particles and debris that are washed down the drain and grow larger in size, until you have a blocked sink drain.

In the case of an acute blocked sink drain, the cause may be in the sink drain trap, and therefore easily accessible and even fixable on your own if you don’t mind getting out the tools and possibly getting dirty. Unfortunately, most blocked sink drains that we see do not involve the sink drain trap, and the blockage has formed deeper in the system such as where your sink drain meets the main drainpipe.

Our knowledge as blocked drain and drain cleaning experts allows us to pinpoint the likely location of the cause of your blocked sink drain, and remove it at the source. For difficult to reach blocked sink drains, or in cases where a more thorough inspection is deemed required by our blocked drain and drain cleaning experts, we will use in drain cameras to conduct a camera drain inspection and identify/resolve any other issues along with your blocked drain.

Contact Drainfast to Repair Your Blocked Drain, Fast!

Drainfast are the blocked drain, blocked toilet and drain cleaning experts to contact in Melbourne, if you’re still unsure on how to unblock a drain, call Drainfast on 1300 102 233 or leave a message on our contact form to get in touch with our emergency blocked drain plumbers.


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