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Looking for answers to your blocked drain Melbourne problem? Drainfast is ready to provide the best Melbourne blocked drain plumber services, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, just give us a call to speak to experts in blocked drain Melbourne for drain cleaning and unblocking.

Blocked Drain Melbourne

Whether your blocked drain Melbourne issue is an emergency or can wait for a scheduled appointment, Drainfast have you covered with our client-focused blocked drain services. For emergencies, such as a blocked sewer drain that has backed up, or a blocked main drainpipe or blocked stormwater drain, our blocked drain Melbourne plumber can be there within an hour to put things right.

Causes – Blocked Drain Melbourne

The underlying cause in most blocked drain Melbourne cases is an issue with the sewer drain. Each premises is typically served by two distinct plumbing systems that carry water way from the premises, the sewer drain and the stormwater drain.

In some cases of heavy rain or leaf fall, a stormwater drain may become blocked and start to overflow. This can create added pressure on the sewer drain, into which some of the overflow may find its way, bringing foreign objects and debris with it. There are even cases where the plumber who set up a home’s plumbing has misconnected the sewer drain and stormwater drain, causing the stormwater drain to take a shortcut and empty into the sewer drain. This is another cause of blocked sewer drain and blocked toilet issues, especially after flooding or other damage to the stormwater drain.

Sewer drain blockage is a common problem, especially in large households where it can be difficult to keep track of what is flushed down the toilet or down other drains that connect to the sewer drain. Grease, oil, and other material or debris can gather in the sewer drain if it is not subject to regular drain cleaning. Over time, these blockages grow larger in size and progressively capture more and more debris, reducing the flow capacity of your sewer drain and placing stress on the system.

The first sign of trouble with regard to blocked drain Melbourne plumbing problems is often slow draining water in toilets, sinks, showers, and baths. If you notice that the water does not flush away immediately after using the toilet, then a blocked sewer drain could be to blame.

Blocked Toilet Melbourne

Blocked toilet Melbourne issues are quickly forgotten when your blocked drain plumber from Drainfast promptly arrives. As we mentioned previously, many blocked drain problems originate due to a blocked sewer drain. A blocked toilet is often the first symptom, but it will not be the last if the blocked drain is not unblocked by a drain cleaning professional.

Noticed a blocked toilet Melbourne? If you have, there are a few things you need to know before deciding on a plan of action. If you answer yes to many of the following questions, then a serious issue with your sewer drain could be the cause of your blocked toilet. If not, try a plunger and some natural drain cleaning solution before reaching for the phone and calling your blocked drain plumber experts at Drainfast.

Blocked Toilet Checklist:

  • Is there a rotten smell in the bathroom that seems to come not just from the blocked toilet, but from the shower drain and bath drain as well?
  • After discovering the blocked toilet, did you try to flush it? If so, did you notice water or sewer material seeping from other low-lying (ie., bath drain and shower drain) drains?
  • Is there a foul smell in the backyard and/or any sign of a leaking sewer drain?

The above may not be present even when a blocked sewer drain is the cause of your blocked toilet. Never assume that because the above signs are not visible/smellable that your blocked toilet does not need attention from a blocked drain Melbourne specialist.

The signs described in the blocked toilet checklist are usually present at the end stage of a blocked sewer drain. At this stage, the blocked sewer starts to ‘back up’, with the sewer drain capacity being so severely diminished that sewer material begins to flow up and out of the drains that flow in to it.

Blocked Toilet? Call Drainfast – Blocked Drain Melbourne Plumbers

If you believe you have done nothing to cause your blocked toilet (for example, flushing an excessive amount of toilet paper, flushing facial or baby wipes, flushing cotton products etc.), then it is best to assume that the problem lies deeper in the system and therefore requires professional attention. A Drainfast blocked drain plumber can not only repair your blocked toilet, but identify its cause and prevent a blocked toilet from happening again. It may be that your sewer drain requires high pressure drain cleaning to break up and flush out any debris that has gathered there. Or, there could be structural issues that will need to be repaired. Whatever the cause of your blocked toilet, a Drainfast blocked drain Melbourne plumber will be able to set things right again in no time flat.

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In some cases, a blocked drain can be a harmless sign that too much stuff has been flushed or washed down the drain. Other times, what starts as a blocked drain can quickly become a plumbing emergency if professional assistance is not obtained from a blocked drain Melbourne plumber.

If you are in doubt, don’t forget to check the other drains and systems at your premises. If they seem to be affected too, that’s a sure sign that you need to call Drainfast and arrange for a blocked drain specialist to see to the problem. When it doubt, check it out; it’s well worth the cost of a visit from your blocked drain Melbourne specialist than having to shell out for major repairs in the event of a plumbing emergency.

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