Blocked or Clogged Toilet and How to Fix the Problem

One major plumbing issue that is really hard to fix on your own is a clogged toilet. If you need some tips to remedy urgent problems you can always call us at Drainfast.

To help you on how you can remedy immediate problems on your own, you can do some fixing or repairs by yourself. You might need a few things to do so.

Have a Plunger Ready Inside Your Bathroom. To fix clogged toilets, a plunger is very useful to have in your home. Prevent your bathroom from flooding and get your plunger to work. Take the tank lid off, and push the flapper to prevent the water from flowing into the bowl. Plunge and pump the plunger. This may take some muscle effort and some time so be ready with your patience to complete the job. The process can also be messy, so, be ready to have old rags and working clothes on in doing the job. It is also advised to run the plunger in hot water first that will soften it a bit and help do its job better. Pump the plunger on the toilet’s hole, push down and pull up sharply to loosen the clog. Pushing and pumping might take 15 to 20 minutes to unclog the blockage. It takes a lot of effort but it will be worth it in the end. Keep plunging until all clogs are gone. Once it is done, and your toilet returns to its normal state, you can use the flush to drain it.

Snake the Drain. Have a snake drain handy in your bathroom to fix simple clogging problems. Don’t worry because these are cheap tools and are sold in almost any hardware stores. It is also easy to use. Simply put the drain snake into the toilet drain, and carefully push it down through the pipes. You will feel the clog with the snake drain once you reach it. Once you do, rotate the snake drain clockwise using the tip to break up the clog.

Try An Enzyme Waste Removal Product To Unclog Your Toilet. Products which may liquefy waste materials should also be given a shot in trying to unclog your toilet from blockage. Products which are characterized as enzyme waste removal are best for your toilet because they don’t cause damage or harm to your pipes. However, they only work in liquefying organic waste and will not be good for other objects like toys. These products usually come with instructions on their labels on how to use them. Follow the instructions and use the right amount of the product for your toilet clogging problems.

Make Your Own Drain Cleaner. To do this you need to boil half a gallon of water, and let it cool until it is warm enough to drink. Then add 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar into the toilet bowl. Then, pour the hot water into the toilet at a waist level. The force of the water poured into the bowl will help clear the clog. Remember not to use boiling water because it can crack your porcelain toilet. Wait overnight for the mixture to take effect. Be aware too that this mixture can only unclog your toilet from organic materials. After, if the toilet still won’t flush, try a drain snake to remove the clog.

Call your local blocked drain plumbers to fix the problem.

If the problem cannot be solved by plungers and drain snakes, or enzymes and home-made drain cleaners, call your local professional plumbers. Plumbers can solve more complicated problems like clearing the pipe and making repairs to prevent more damage. Annual inspections by them can also be useful and helpful in keeping your toilet, bathroom and drains always functional.

We hope you found value in the tips we have suggested above and that they will work for your toilet clog problems. If not, give us a call.