Blocked Storm Water Drains

Blocked storm water drains are particularly prone to damage during extreme weather events such as high winds and rainfall. Other seasonal factors such as snow melt and leaf fall are also an issue. We are experienced and equipped to deal with blocked or damaged storm water drains.

Blocked Storm Water Drains

Our Blocked Drain Specialists Unblock Blocked Storm Water Drains

A few signs that your blocked storm water drains might require attention are:

  • Surface grates submerged during rain
  • Water gathering on the surface around your property
  • Water spurting from the bottom of downpipes
  • Unusual sounds coming from drains

Tree roots cause by far the most damage and blockages to storm water drains. We can break these up using our special tools and seal the pipes to prevent any other incursions.

Foreign objects such as leaves, sticks, and stones can become caught in these pipes and block them. We can use our cameras to locate and remove these objects.

Broken or leaking pipes will also cause the system to malfunction; we can repair or replace your pipes to restore proper flow to your system.

Incorrect installation is another major problem when it comes to blocked stormwater drains. Occasionally they are installed in a way which has them flowing into your building’s sewer drain. This greatly increases the risk of a blocked septic system or sewerage backup, which is a costly and inconvenient problem. Upon inspection, we will be able to tell you immediately if this problem is present and can reinstall the pipes properly to prevent any blocked stormwater drains issues from occurring.

Drainfast are the blocked drain and emergency plumber experts of Melbourne.  Contact our 24 hour plumbers for assistance with your blocked storm water drains by  calling Drainfast on 1300 102 233 or leaving a message on our contact form.


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