Blocked Stormwater Drain Melbourne

Do you need fast, efficient blocked stormwater drain Melbourne services? Look no further than Drainfast, leading blocked drain and drain cleaning plumbers with a proud history of serving Melbourne for two decades.
We protect your plumbing system after heavy rain and storms
Heavy rain and wild weather are a standard addition to life here in Melbourne. Whilst our domestic, commercial, and municipal plumbing systems are modern and effective, they can be overwhelmed by extreme weather events.


Blocked Stormwater Drain Melbourne

A blocked stormwater drain is a serious plumbing problem that calls for an urgent response from experienced professionals, and nothing less. Your stormwater system is one of two very important drain systems used to carry waste and water away from your home or business, with the other being the sewer drain.

In the event of wild weather, a sudden influx of water can place a high burden on the pipes and joints within your stormwater drain. Moreover, heavy rain often carries debris from your gutters, downpipes, and surface areas into the stormwater drain. Without a high degree of preventative maintenance to keep your stormwater drain clear and functioning at 100%, there is a very high chance that extreme weather events could result in you desperately searching for blocked stormwater drain Melbourne services.

Emergency Blocked Stormwater Drain Melbourne

Services you can count on around the clock

Drainfast is proud to offer fast, cost-effective, and reliable blocked stormwater drain Melbourne services. Our blocked drain emergency plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days per-year to provide a rapid response to your blocked stormwater drain emergency.

Preventing damage, saving you time and money

A blocked stormwater drain is a serious issue that can lead to other plumbing problems, such as a blocked sewer drain. Whenever a blocked drain occurs, the pressure inside your plumbing system is likely to increase unsustainably. This is especially problematic when aging pipes and joints are present within your stormwater drain.

Rapid response, lasting results

The solution is to contact Drainfast for an immediate response from our blocked drain specialists. We can diagnose the cause of your blocked stormwater drain and repair it in a flash, ensuring that your system is back up and running before serious damage or flooding can occur.

When to call a blocked stormwater drain Melbourne plumber

The first sign of a blocked stormwater drain is usually water gathering in surface areas close to the main stormwater drain, such as the front or backyard depending on the premises. This water may not drain away as expected after the heavy rain has ceased, indicating that a blocked stormwater drain is present.
If the problem is severe, you may notice leaks coming from gutters and downpipes around the premises. This is caused by rainwater being unable to drain away due to the main stormwater drain being blocked.
You may know the location of your main stormwater drain. If so, check to see if water is pooling up in this location to determine the extent of your problem.
When a blocked stormwater drain is left unattended, it can create serious problems. The most common issue is when flooding begins to affect the sewer drain, creating the possibility of a sewer back-up. This is unlikely to occur if professional assistance is sought soon after the blocked stormwater drain issue becomes apparent.

Contact Drainfast for assistance with your blocked stormwater drain

When you need blocked stormwater drain services, fast, Drainfast are the Melbourne plumbers to call. Our blocked drain specialists are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to your plumbing emergency. No job is too big or too small, but great value and lasting results are always guaranteed.
Call Drainfast today on 1300 102 233, or email us via for more information. We look forward to relieving you of your blocked stormwater drain Melbourne problems, fast!


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