Blocked Toilet Melbourne

A blocked toilet or sewer drain affecting your bathroom plumbing is a major domestic or commercial hassle for home and business owners across Melbourne. This is especially if you are confronted with a blocked sewer drain backup, which can cause a major mess. For the business owner, a blocked toilet in a busy shop premises can disrupt your operations and leave customers with a foul impression. Homeowners run the risk of a blocked toilet or sewer drain turning their bathroom into a bio-hazard.

Blocked Toilet Melbourne

Luckily, not all blocked toilets require the assistance of a blocked drain plumber or drain cleaning plumber, but in many cases it is better to be safe than sorry. In this piece, we’ll tell you how to determine what might be causing the blocked toilet or blocked sewer problem and how you could go about preventing a blocked toilet from happening in the first place.

 Blocked Toilet Melbourne Horror Stories..

One of the most shocking things that an emergency blocked toilet plumber can face is a home or business that has been flooded with sewerage from a  backed up  sewer drain or septic system. One of the most common causes of such a sewer drain overflow is when someone reaches for the plunger at the first sign of a blocked toilet, not knowing that a serious blockage has built up in the sewer drain and has been collecting sewerage waste material for some time.

If this has happened and you start to plunge like mad in an attempt to unblock a toilet, you risk sucking the sewer material back up and causing water to rush back from the sewer drain. This sewerage material will then leak out of your blocked toilet and even other drains that are connected to your sewer drain, including shower drains and bath drains creating a horrible mess and a health hazard to boot. I have seen it happen, and I can tell you it isn’t pretty to see sewer waste flowing back up from a blocked sewer drain and out of a blocked toilet, into a customer’s lovely bathroom.

So, if you believe that your blocked toilet is a result of your attempt to flush a little too much waste away at once, then by all means, grab the plunger. But if your blocked toilet has slowly become worse over time, with water draining away from the toilet bowl more and more slowly each day, or if the blocked toilet cannot be explained by you flushing a larger than average load, then it may be a sign of a more serious blocked drain issue in your sewer drain or septic system that requires the professional tools and experience of a Melbourne drain cleaning plumber like Drainfast.

Read on to find out what you can do to spot a blocked toilet that is nothing more than a minor inconvenience, or if it is a nasty blocked toilet and blocked sewer drain that could turn your bathroom into a true bio-hazard. If you’d like to know more about what you can do if you encounter a minor blocked toilet problem, check our our article on how to fix a blocked toilet

Slow flushing or Slow Draining Blocked Toilet

Most modern toilets are required to wash away large amounts of material, and they do so with admirable efficiency, but it is not unusual to notice a slow flushing or slow draining blocked toilet. If you have just flushed a large amount of toilet waste, then it may be slowly moving through the toilet drain trap and causing water to build up behind it. In this case, you should witness the water build up for 15 seconds or so before rushing out with a loud gurgle. This indicates a very minor blocked toilet problem, caused by a larger than usual waste deposit.

However, if you believe that your toilet has been draining slower and slower over time, and that this slow draining blocked toilet is not caused by your reasonable use of the toilet, there may be a more serious issue present such as a blocked sewer drain or septic system.

If you notice that your toilet has been flushing more slowly than usual, or water is reaching higher up in the bowl than it should, you may be witnessing the beginnings of a blocked toilet and blocked sewer drain that requires professional attention from our Melbourne drain cleaning blocked drain plumbers.

Blocked Toilet Melbourne – What To Do?

It’s important to start treating the blocked toilet problem immediately, as leaving a blocked toilet could result in a blocked sewer drain backing up. A backed up or blocked sewer drain can cause sewerage to flow back up and out of your blocked toilet, creating a biological hazard and distressing mess.

If after reading the above you believe the blockage is minor, coming from flushing a large amount of waste and/or toilet paper, than try using a plunger lightly on the blocked toilet. Or, you can try one of our recipes for natural drain cleaning solutions to try and soften up the blocked toilet material.

Clogged Soil Stack or Sewer Line Causing Your Blocked Toilet Melbourne

These are some common causes of a blocked toilet or blocked sewer drain. Before you start working to fix the blocked toilet, you should try and determine what may have caused the blocked toilet. For example, if you have accidentally dropped something in the toilet bowl or have flushed a larger than normal amount of material down the toilet. If you have accidentally flushed something solid down the toilet, you shouldn’t use a plunger. This may push the offending object further into your sewer drain system making it harder to retrieve and repair the blocked toilet.

In this situation, try using a length of wire to retrieve the object from your sewer system, which may be caught in the blocked toilet trap. You could try and remove the toilet and then use wire to retrieve the obstructing object from the blocked toilet trap, if you have the tools.

If it is only the blocked toilet that is flushing slowly (and your home’s other drains are working as they should) then it is likely that the blockage is located within the toilet’s system.

How to Unblock A Blocked Toilet Using A Plunger

You should only use a plunger on a blocked toilet if you are sure that no solid objects have accidentally been flushed down the blocked toilet. First of all, you should turn off the tap which feeds water into the cistern of the blocked toilet. This will ensure that excess liquid is not flowing into the bowl. This is an important measure in reducing the unsanitary splashing about of toilet liquids from blocked toilets and sewer drains. Once the tap has been turned off, you should wait a few minutes for the water levels to recede so that you can get to work repairing your blocked toilet.

If the blockage is located near the fixture, a plunger can be extremely effective in fixing a blocked toilet. Try flushing the blocked toilet and plunging as the water flows into the toilet bowl. It may be a good idea to plug any sinks or drains also located in the bathroom, as plunging the blocked toilet could cause liquid to emerge from these drains.

Don’t give up if the blocked toilet isn’t cleared immediately, you may need to persist for a while when plunging as it can take time for the blockage in your toilet to become dislodged. Make sure that you don’t flush the blocked toilet if there is already a large amount of liquid in the toilet bowl. You risk getting a bacterial infection if you allow sewerage material from a blocked toilet or sewer drain to come into contact with your eyes, skin, or even clothes. Make sure that you clean yourself thoroughly once you’ve finished dealing with your blocked toilet.

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Our Blocked Toilet Melbourne Plumbers Will Repair the Problem in A Flash

If you are unable to clear your blocked toilet and/or sewer drain, you should contact Drainfast today for professional drain cleaning assistance. In the mean time, you can hire a portable toilet or use a camping toilet unit to minimise inconvenience. You definitely should not attempt to use a malfunctioning or blocked toilet, especially if someone is coming to work on it for you.

As with all minor plumbing problems, some blocked toilet problems can be fixed fairly easily on your own. But if you are unable to do so, the blocked toilet and other system components likely need a professional inspection and repair.

Drainfast have over 15 years experience delivering a range of drain cleaning and blocked drain services to clients across Melbourne. Our emergency 24 hour plumber can be on the scene repairing your blocked toilet within an hour, so give Drainfast a call!

If you need the professionals to take care of your blocked toilet, contact Drainfast today! Drainfast are the drain cleaning experts, blocked drain specialists, and 24 hour plumbers to contact in Melbourne. Call the blocked toilet specialists at Drainfast today on 1300 102 233 or leave a message on our contact form.


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