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When it comes to managing your blocked toilet Melbourne, Drainfast are the plumber to call. Here at Drainfast, we have over 20 years experience as blocked drain and drain cleaning specialists. This experience, coupled with out ongoing commitment to reliable and efficient services, ensures that Drainfast can fix blocked toilet Melbourne issues in a flash.

24 Hour Blocked Toilet Melbourne Plumbers

Don’t wait until morning, call our 24 hour plumbers for assistance with your blocked toilet Melbourne at the first sign of trouble. What differentiates Drainfast from our competitors is our service as emergency plumbers. Here at Drainfast, we understand that your blocked toilet has created a serious and stressful situation in your home or business, and that you need more than just a skilled plumber to fully gain control of the situation.

With issues such as a blocked toilet, which can strike at any time in any home or business here in Melbourne, the consequences can be major if left unattended. Drainfast understands this, and seeks to inform clients and the general public about the best course of action when faced with a blocked toilet Melbourne.

Without a doubt, contacting a 24 hour plumber for your blocked toilet in Melbourne is the most simple solution. This is especially true if your accommodation only has one toilet, or you are a business that needs the toilet up and running again ASAP. Even if a premises has more than one toilet, your blocked toilet Melbourne issue may be caused by a blocked sewer drain. If this is the case, the other toilet should not be used either until the blocked sewer is repaired by a licensed plumber.

For these reasons, Drainfast will always work quickly and quietly to repair your emergency blocked toilet situation, whatever the cause. What is just another day on the job for our 24 hour plumbers is a nighttime nightmare for clients, and we respect and reflect this in our blocked toilet Melbourne services.

When we arrive to fix your blocked toilet Melbourne, we will ask you a few questions about the blocked toilet to identify potential causes. This is important, as we need to find out whether we are dealing with a blocked sewer drain or a simple blocked or clogged toilet drain.

What Causes a Blocked Sewer Drain?

The main reason to call a blocked toilet Melbourne plumber such as the Drainfast team is that your blocked toilet may be a symptom of a blocked sewer drain. A blocked sewer drain is a much more serious issue that can potentially create issues throughout your plumbing system if not repaired in a timely fashion.

The sewer drain carried waste and water away from a premises, and connects to the local sewer system. In terms of importance, the sewer drain is perhaps the most significant drain in your home. The proper functioning of your sewer drain and the sewer system as a whole is vital for maintaining the standard of sanitation and healthy environments we have come to expect.

A blocked sewer drain can come about through faulty or aging pipes and other plumbing infrastructure, or when items such as food or cotton (anything besides toilet waste and toilet paper) are flushed down the toilet. Most often, a blocked sewer is the result of many non-flushable objects being flushed over an extended period of time. Due to the gradual nature of the blockage, you may notice the toilet becoming less and less reliable or more difficult to flush before it is blocked completely.

Dealing With Blocked Toilet Issues

First and foremost, it is important to call the blocked drain professionals at Drainfast as soon as you suspect you are dealing with a blocked toilet or blocked sewer. The following advice should help you to identify a blocked toilet before it becomes a plumbing emergency, such as a blocked sewer drain or sewer overflow.

Signs and Symptoms – Blocked Toilet Melbourne

You may first become aware of a blocked toilet problem when you press the flush button, but the water does not drain away and instead fills the bowl. Similarly, the contents of the bowl may be flushed into the drain, but the normal water level does not return afterwards. These are the two most common signs that you are dealing with a blocked toilet issue.

Either higher or lower than usual water level in the bowl following a flush is indicative of a blocked toilet drain. Lower water level in particular may be accompanied by a gurgling sound, as water pressure builds inside the blocked drain.

Besides post-flush, the blocked toilet drain may be apparent even when the toilet has not been used. For example, you may open the lid of the toilet and observe that the water level is higher or lower than usual. This is due to changed pressure and movement in the pipes due to the formation of a blockage.

How to Fix A Blocked Toilet

After identifying that the toilet is blocked, the best course of action is to turn off the tap which fills the cistern with water. This will prevent any additional water flowing into the blocked toilet drain and increasing the pressure. It may also allow for water to slowly drain away from the blockage, further alleviating increased pressure and potentially making the blockage easier to locate and remove when our blocked toilet Melbourne team arrive.

It is very important that you do not attempt to clear the blocked toilet by flushing more water into the toilet drain. If the toilet is blocked, more flushing will only increase the pressure inside the pipes. Increased pressure can create cracks and leaks in your sewer drain, and damage the plumbing connected to your toilet.

Moreover, if a blocked sewer drain is the real cause of your blocked toilet, flushing more water can result in a sewerage back-up.

What Is A Sewerage Back-Up?

If you are experiencing a blocked toilet that has occurred following a blockage in your sewer drain, there is a risk of a sewerage back-up occurring. A sewerage back-up is the reversed movement of sewerage material/waste back up through your pipes and drain openings, rather than away from the drain openings.

Anybody who has witnessed a sewerage back-up can tell you how unpleasant it is, especially if it happens in your home. A common cause is attempting to flush a blocked toilet, or using a plunger on a blocked toilet when in fact the problem is a blocked sewer drain. When you flush a blocked toilet or attempt to plunge it, you are creating pressure against the blockage inside the drain and compressing the material inside. Following this, as the pressure decreases, material from inside the blocked drain may flow up and out of low-lying drains creating a mess (not to mention a health hazard).

Why Call Us for Blocked Toilet Melbourne Services?

There are many reasons to choose Drainfast as your blocked toilet Melbourne plumbers. Perhaps the most important factor in any decision involving a licensed tradesperson, is their experience and skills in the trade.

As we mentioned previously, Drainfast have over 20 years experience as blocked drain and drain cleaning specialists in Melbourne. We are more than just licensed plumbers, we excel in clearing blocked drains quickly, efficiently, and in a way that produces lasting relief from blocked drain issues.

When it comes to your blocked toilet, what may seem like a simple fix could in-fact be the result of a complex problem with major implications for your plumbing system. This is why it is vital that you call a blocked drain specialist such as Drainfast, rather than attempting to tackle the problem yourself. We would advise that you only attempt to clear a blocked toilet yourself when you can identify the cause of the blocked toilet with certainty. For example, if you have flushed an excessive amount of toilet paper and the toilet is clogged, you can probably clear it yourself with a plunger.

Whether your blocked toilet is a midnight, weekend, or public holiday emergency or routine business-hours plumbing job, the Drainfast team will treat you and your home or business with respect and dignity at all times. We avoid disruption, clean up thoroughly after our work is finished, and do everything we can to assist the client in preventing the issue from re-occurring. This is what makes Drainfast the team to call for a blocked drain Melbourne problem.

Contact Drainfast – Blocked Toilet Melbourne Specialists

If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, our 24 hour emergency plumbers can be with you in a flash once you give our team a call. If the matter is less urgent and you would like to speak to our team to receive more information, and a free quote, we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us by calling Drainfast on  1300 102 233, via email, or through our contact form. Our team look forward to giving you any additional information you may require and to delivering outstanding blocked toilet Melbourne results that you can count on.

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