Conserving Water in the Bathroom

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Tips From Melbourne Plumbers For Conserving Water in the Bathroom

People are paying more attention to their water consumption these days, and so many are wondering what they can do to cut back on wastage by conserving water in the bathroom. There are many simple measures the home or business owner can take to minimise wasting water and cut back on the bills. We will list some of these below. Like all conservation practices, it is a great idea to get the family on board with your new water practices.

Ways to save water in the bathroom

  • Turn off the tap – when brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your face you should keep the tap turned off except for when you need to rinse. Some people maintain a habit of leaving the tap running whilst they perform these activities, a practice which wastes an immense amount of water. In addition to this, you should be mindful of the amount of water you use to wash your hands. Try turning the tap down to a lower pressure, as really it is the soap that is cleaning your hands.
  • Shave smarter – Consider using a bowl or filling the sink basin with water and using this to rinse your razor. This uses much less water than rinsing it under a running tap.
  • Buckets – Putting a bucket in the shower to catch run off water is a great way to save money on watering the garden. If you spend a lot of time waiting for the water to heat up before you get in the shower, you can catch the cold water in a bucket and use this for other household chores.
  • Cut down on shower time – You can use a timer or smart phone alarm to make sure you spend no longer than five minutes in the shower. This saves time and money. You can also shave or brush your teeth in the shower to further cut down on overall water consumption.
  • New toilet, tap, or showerhead – If your current fixtures are more than 10 years old, it’s a good idea to replace them with something newer and more water efficient. New toilet designs with elongated bowls, low-flow systems, and duel flush buttons save a huge amount of water which will help offset the cost of replacing your old toilet. The same goes for shower heads and taps.
  • Putting a bin in the bathroom – Disposing of sanitary items such as cotton buds, wet wipes, and napkins in the toilet wastes an enormous amount of water and also poses a serious risk to the integrity of your plumbing system. Disposing of garbage in your toilet can cause blockages which are troublesome to clear without professional assistance. Placing a bin in the bathroom means you won’t be so tempted to flush the occasional sanitary item.

Conserving water in the bathroom is a great way to start creating an environmentally friendly home.
Hopefully some of these tips get you thinking about your water consumption and will help you to use less, save water, and lower your water bill. A professional plumber can always provide advice on water efficiency and lowering your water bill. So next time we’re around, ask us for some more detailed water saving information as well as about conserving water in the bathroom.

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