Do It yourself Ways on How To Unblock A Sewage Drain?

A clog in the main sewer can likely cause big problems to your home plumbing. It might not let sink and waste from the toilet drain properly out of the house but might cause back-up of nasty waste into your tub or shower. Calling the plumber might seem like a good choice to solve the problem, however, it can cost you a hefty bill for it to be fixed.

If you want to cut-cost to solve a clogged sewage drain, there are some DIYs you can do on your own, without having to call the plumbers. We have to warn you that these can be dirty and needs some effort on your part to fix the problem well. Expect to get dirty as you work and have the right gear to do so.
Some of the things that you will need for the job are pipe wrench, heavy-duty gloves, professional-grade auger or otherwise known as the plumbing snake, and a garden hose.

The first step to unblocking your sewage drain is to clean the clogs on the main sewer line. First, you have to loosen the cap on the main line drain pipe. A pipe wrench will help you in doing so.
Then, open the cap and let the accumulated build-up drain out. Allow it to drain entirely before moving on to the next steps.

Next, insert the auger cable into the drain pipe. There are different kinds of auger and each has their own instructions on how to properly use them. Be sure that you follow the instructions on how to use them properly to have a successful fix. Generally, you have to insert the auger into the drain until you reach the clog.
Keep the auger running until it clears the clog. The running auger will clear the clog and remove it once it reaches it. Once this happens, you will see the water level in the pipes decreases or goes down. Later, draining out entirely. Don’t stop running the auger after the clog disappears because there might be other small clogs that may cause problems. Let the auger fix this while it is down the pipes.

Pull the auger out of the pipe slowly. Slowly and gently pull the auger out of the pipe as it hoses off debris. Spray out debris collected on the auger before winding it back onto the machine.

Finally, place the cap back on the drain pipe with a pipe wrench and tighten it.
However, if the problem isn’t just an ordinary you can always call your professional plumbers. Either the problem is a tree or shrub roots which cannot be removed by the steps we have discussed. Call us and we’ll be more than glad to help you with your sewage problem. We assure you that our experts will fix the problem in a jiffy.