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Dealing with a blocked drain or slow draining sink or shower is a major hassle, so it’s a good idea to call Drainfast, the experts in drain cleaning Melbourne,  if you encounter such problems.

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Drainfast Have 15+ Years Experience As Leaders in Drain Cleaning Melbourne

Whether you are a busy homeowner or a thriving Melbourne business, a blocked drain can be a lingering nuisance which can eventually result in damage or internal flooding from a blocked sewer or burst pipe. In order to prevent things going this far, it’s a great idea to have your drains cleaned regularly by a drain cleaning Melbourne specialist such as Drainfast. Our general plumbing service and emergency 24 hour plumber service have been drain cleaning in Melbourne for 15 years, and we consider blocked drain plumbing and drain cleaning to be some of our greatest talents as trade-licensed and qualified plumbers.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor blocked toilet, blocked sink drain, storm water drain overflow, a blocked floor drain issue, or a major blocked drain such as a sewer drain which is affecting your entire plumbing system, Drainfast have the tools and experience required to solve the blocked drain problem quickly, cost effectively, and in a way which leaves your premises in better shape than before we arrived to supply drain cleaning services.

Blocked Drain Cleaning Melbourne

A blocked drain can cause a lot of mess, particularly if it is the result of a blocked sewer drain backup or miss-connected pipes in your storm water drain system. This mess from blocked drains is not only inconvenient and unsightly, it poses a serious health risk which should be of major concern to the home or business owner. As professionals in clearing clogged drains and carrying out thorough drain cleaning, we are equipped to deal with serious issues such as blocked sewer drain backups, sewerage leaks from septic tanks and blocked toilets, blocked storm water drains and other hazardous plumbing malfunctions.

Our drain cleaning Melbourne plumbers will always make sure that your home is safe to live in again, or that your business is ready to serve customers as quickly as possible once the blocked drain issue is resolved through careful and thorough drain cleaning. We pride ourselves on cleaning up thoroughly after completing our drain cleaning work by replacing any damaged carpet, baseboard, walls, and flooring to leave your home or business back on track after drain cleaning.

There are two types of drains in Australia which form part of the plumbing system for almost every premises, these two drains are the most likely to become blocked and cause plumbing problems like leaking pipes and blocked sewer drains if routine drain cleaning is not performed. By gaining an awareness of these two critical components of your plumbing system and engaging a drain cleaning plumber for routine unblocking and drain cleaning, you will potentially save yourself money and time in the long run by preventing serious issues from building up.

The Sewer Drain

The sewer drain carries human waste and wastewater away from your premises to a water treatment plant where it is processed and disposed of. Your home or business’s sewer system is likely to be placed under a high amount of stress owing to the volume of material it is required to move, as well as dealing with foreign objects such as food waste, sanitary materials, and other things which should never be put down a drain or flushed down a toilet.

The sewer drain which services your premises is connected to a local sewer network, which can also experience blockages and backups if the appropriate sewer maintenance is not performed. If your home or business is being affected by a malfunctioning or blocked local sewer network, we can respond to minimize the impact to your premises by performing thorough drain cleaning and repair. We will also work with your local water authority to solve the problem of blocked sewers at its core wherever possible.

The Storm Water Drain

The storm water drain is connected to gutters and other surface drains that carry rainwater and other ‘clear’ water away from your premises. Also known as the surface water drain, or the clear water drain, the storm water drain carries most of the clear water from your premises into a nearby surface drain which leads to a water source.

Surface water drains can also become blocked if they aren’t subject to regular cleaning due to a build up of materials such as leaves or tree roots, foreign objects, broken pipes, or a blockage in the local storm water system. A major issue is when pipes are miss-connected, and part or all of a storm water system is flowing into the sewer system.

This can cause blocked sewer backups and sewer flooding, particularly during bad weather events or after leaf fall in autumn. A flooded sewer poses as major health hazard, and requires an immediate response from an emergency 24 hour plumber. Again, we urge our Melbourne clients to book their storm water drains and sewer drains in for routine checks and drain cleaning to ensure disasters such as flooded sewers do not occur in your home or business.

We can diagnose any blocked drain issues with your plumbing system, and repair them quickly and efficiently as part of our drain cleaning Melbourne service. If pipes are miss-connected, we can reconnect them for you to prevent the problem from re-occurring.

If you notice a clogged or slow moving drain and you believe that the problem can’t be fixed with a plunger, you should call our drain cleaning plumbers as soon as you can. It may be the result of a blocked sewer drain backup, and it is best not to let sewer backups progress too far as this is when they will create a hazard.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Many things can result in blocked drains, blocked sewers, or blocked storm water drains that need cleaning or unblocking. As a plumbing system ages, wear and tear can result in fraying of pipes and joints which can catch sediment and lead to larger build-ups of debris in drains if regular drain cleaning is not carried out. A loose joint or the invasion of tree roots can aggravate the problem and cause material to start backing up, resulting in blocked drains, sewers, or leaking pipes.

Small cracks are often present in aging plumbing systems and these are not necessarily cause for concern, we can usually fix a blocked drain (even more serious sewer blockages and backups) without needing to replace any plumbing infrastructure.

Another major cause of blocked drains and blocked sewer system back-ups is the flushing or washing away of foreign objects, which fill drains with debris that requires professional drain cleaning equipment to remove.

Food waste, such as leftover scraps on plates or oil from frying pans etc should never be washed down a kitchen sink or be left on dishes being cleaned by a dish washing machine. These materials often catch in the pipes and create blocked drains, especially oil, which solidifies in drain pipes and catches other materials to create a clog that calls for professional drain cleaning.

It is often tempting to flush a sanitary product such as a wet wipe or napkin down the toilet, but we urge you not to do this as this is one of the leading causes of blocked drains and blocked toilets that we see in Melbourne.

Your sewer system is designed only to deal with human waste, water, and a reasonable amount of biodegradable toilet paper. Many sanitary products are plastic or cotton based, and do not break down to form the sewerage slurry which the sewer system is designed to carry. This leads to them becoming caught on the frayed edges of pipes or joints and causing a blocked sewer drain, leaving you to call a drain cleaning plumber to repair the blocked sewer.

We urge all home and business owners to be aware of these basic facts about their sewer and drain systems and to practice common sense with what they put into the system to prevent blocked toilets and clogged drains. A good idea for businesses is to put a sign in the toilet which says not to flush any sanitary products, as well as placing a bin next to the toilet which can be used for disposal of these items.

The same goes for domestic bathrooms; a bin is always the best place for material other than toilet paper and this is a simple but effective method to prevent blocked drains, blocked toilets, and blocked sewers that require professional drain cleaning. If you believe sanitary items, food, or other foreign materials have been down the drain resulting in a blocked sink drain, blocked toilet, or blocked sewer, then it is time to call the drain cleaning Melbourne specialists at Drainfast.

Clearing A Blocked Drain

Soft clogged drain and minor blocked toilet issues are a relatively easy drain cleaning Melbourne issue that you might be able to repair without a plumber. For example, a blocked shower drain caused by a build-up of hair and soap scum or a blocked toilet following the flushing of a large amount of waste are common issues in many homes. Using a plunger and perhaps a home-made drain cleaning mixture such as those made from recipes on this site, anyone can clear these blocked drains and professional drain cleaning assistance may not be required.

Deep clogged drains and heavily blocked toilets, which have built up over time or are the result of underlying problems, can require the use of a drain cleaning tool such as those used by our drain cleaning Melbourne plumbers. If you have time to spare, you can obtain some of these drain cleaning tools yourself and do your best to clear the drains.

You can rent or buy these drain cleaning tools from hardware stores. The most common drain cleaning tool is a plumbing snake, which is a length of steel cable attached to a bladed head which can be rotated via a handle or electric motor once is has been fed in to the clogged drain. These can break up deep clogs, but are not effecting at cleaning the drain properly and can become caught on jagged edges, potentially doing damage to drain pipes and joints.

Professional drain cleaning plumbers will only use a snake once a full assessment has been made to ensure there is no risk of causing damage to your system or the snake itself. Additionally, the steady hand of a trade-qualified and licensed plumber makes the task of drain cleaning much quicker.

The second and preferred option for drain cleaning is a water jetter drain cleaner. These drain cleaning machines consist of a hose and a fitted nozzle which sprays water at a pressure high enough to break up blockages in drains and clean your plumbing system without causing damage. A rear-facing nozzle serves to project the water-jet hose through the drain system, making the water jetter much quicker to use then a plumbing snake, which must be fed manually into the blocked drain.

You may be able to rent a water jetter cleaner and try your own hand at blocked drain cleaning, but they are best handled by a drain cleaning Melbourne professional. We use drain cameras in conjunction with the water jetter to locate blockages and areas which need targeted drain cleaning.

We recommend that you call our drain cleaning Melbourne plumbers so we can use a water jetter, as this is much quicker and more efficient means of cleaning blocked drains than using a plumbing snake and results in less cost to you. Not only is it quicker at cleaning drains and cheaper, there is minimal risk of damage to your plumbing system that can occur when a plumbing snake is used to clean a blocked drain.

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Drain cleaning Melbourne is our specialty at Drainfast, and we unblock blocked drains quickly thanks to our 15+ years experience licensed drain cleaning specialists. If you are concerned about a blocked sewer buildup, blocked drain, blocked sink, or any other plumbing issue that likely requires a specialist drain cleaning plumber, call us today so we can discuss the issue. It may be something you can fix yourself, but if not, our drain cleaning Melbourne plumbers are on hand to heed your call.

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