Finding Your Main Water Valve

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Our Melbourne Plumbers Can Assist in Finding Your Main Water Valve

Finding your main water valve is sometimes tricky, but very important. Shutting off the water is the first thing you should in the case of a plumbing emergency such as a burst pipe or leaking sewer. Generally, a water valve is located somewhere on your premises to regulate the incoming water from the main supply. Every home and business owner needs to be aware of the location of their premises’ main water valve. If you’re a homeowner, let family members or housemates know where the main water valve is so that they can switch off the water supply in the event of a plumbing emergency.

How to find the main water valve

The main water valve, also called the inside stop valve, is usually located at the front of your home, near where the hot water system is, or close to your kitchen’s cold water tap. These valves usually have a red handle, and need to be turned clockwise to be shut off.

What to do in a plumbing emergency

Plumbing emergencies such as burst pipes, internal flooding, or backed up septic systems will require the main water supply to be switched off as quickly as possible. If you encounter one of these problems, you should switch off the water supply as quickly as you can, then call a professional for assistance.

For more minor plumbing issues, you should know where your water valve is located so you can tell the technicians in case they need to switch the water off during repairs.

Turn off the main water valve during renovations

If you are renovating your home, you may need to switch off the water valve. If you are doing the renovations yourself, make sure that you turn off the water before unscrewing any pipes or fixtures.

Turn off the main water valve when you leave on holidays

If you are going away for an extended period of time you should switch off the water valve. This will save money on your water bill, and will prevent damage to your system which can come from water pressure inside the pipes over time. We hope this page has assisted you in finding your main water valve!

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