Natural Drain Cleaners

Ever though of trying natural drain cleaners for your blocked drain problems? Standing or slow draining water in your home or business’s sinks or tubs is an early indicator that a blocked drain is present. If you catch a blocked drain in its early stages, you can probably clear the blocked drain yourself using one of our recipes for natural drain cleaners.
In addition to the trusty plunger, there are natural drain cleaners that can be used that you can find in your home. Baking soda, vinegar and borax are great additions to your drain cleaning toolbox. When used with hot water, these ingredients can break up many clogs which could be causing your blocked drain and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Step 1: Preparing the drain cleaning mixture

Before you start preparing any natural drain cleaners, start by draining out any excess water from your sinks or tubs as best you can. This will prevent your drain cleaning solution from becoming too diluted and will help it get to where it needs to go to clear the blocked drain.
When gathering your drain cleaning ingredients, you can substitute vinegar for another acidic substance such as lemon juice. The secondary substance or substances then react with the acidic base inside the blocked drain, which will hopefully clear the pipe.
Lemon juice may be a better option for cleaning blocked kitchen sink drains as it smells refreshing, though vinegar is often easier to measure and is available in larger quantities. Baking soda is an ideal secondary ingredient, as it will react with the acid and create a foaming reaction which can dislodge or dissolve many minor blocked drains. Borax and salt can be added to your natural drain cleaner mixture for added effect.
A good recipe for your own homemade natural drain cleaner might look like this:

  • One cup of lemon juice and an equal amount of baking soda
  • Half a cup of white vinegar and an equal amount of baking soda
  • Half a cup of borax, half a cup of salt, and a cup of white vinegar.

Step 2: The method For Using Natural Drain Cleaners

Whichever natural drain cleaning ingredients you decide to use, the method remains pretty much the same. Remember to allow as much water to drain away as you can, then pour your acidic base followed by the secondary ingredient into the blocked drain.
The mixture of the natural drain cleaners should begin to react instantly once you’ve poured the ingredients into the blocked drain. You’ll need to let it sit for a while to allow the reaction to break up whatever is causing the blocked drain. Try covering the blocked drain opening with a plug or cloth wet with hot water.
Wait at least thirty minutes, then pour some water down the blocked drain and use a plunger to apply pressure to the blockage. This may break the blockage up completely, or at least bring it close to the opening of your blocked drain. Use a bent coat hanger or some wire to remove the material from the blocked drain by slowly pushing it into the opening and twisting it around and pulling it out when you feel it catch something.
If you have access to a plumbing snake, this is a very effective way to remove or break up whatever is causing the blocked drain. Plumbing snakes have a head which can be rotated via a handle to break up any material in the blocked drain. Use gloves whenever you are removing material from a blocked drain, especially where either synthetic or natural drain cleaners have been used. Have a bucket of hot water ready and a towel to collect any material which you remove from the blocked drain.

Step 3: Flushing the blocked drain

Use about five cups of boiling water to flush the drain, or if your piping is plastic use a few buckets of hot water. If the drain is still not working properly by this point, you might need to contact your plumber for professional assistance. Our emergency 24 hour plumber or general drain cleaning Melbourne service can assist you in diagnosing and solving any plumbing issues, this includes stubborn blocked drains which might require professional equipment to repair.

We hope you understand more about natural drain cleaners. Drainfast are the Drain Cleaning blocked drain and emergency plumber experts of Melbourne. Call Drainfast today on 1300 102 233 or leave a message on our contact form.


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