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Plumbing noises drain cleaning Melbourne services. If you hear irregular plumbing noises coming from your home or business’s plumbing system it is a sure sign that something is wrong. This page contains a summary of the sounds you might hear and what they could mean, as well as our drain cleaning solutions which will return your system to its best performance.


You may hear a hammering sound or a loud thud when you turn your taps on or off. This usually means that the incoming water pressure is too high and your fixtures are struggling to cope with the stress. You might hear these sounds when using only hot water, or at different times of the day. These are indications that there is a pressure problem at your premises. High water pressure can decrease the effective life of your plumbing system, cause leaks, burst pipes, internal flooding and damage to appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.
The simplest plumbing noises drain cleaning Melbourne solution is for us to install a pressure regulator on your incoming water supply. This will keep the water pressure coming in to your premises below 80psi, ensuring that your system is not placed under higher stress than it should be. Another option is to have us install air chambers or other shock absorption devices in your pipes in order to decrease the stress on your fixtures. This may be an easier option for clients who share an incoming water service with other tenants.

Hissing sinks

A hissing sound coming from a sink in your premises is another indicator of high water pressure. High water pressure increases water bills by wasting water, as well as through making existing leaks worse and increasing the risk of a pipe burst. As above, we can solve this problem by installing a pressure regulator which will ensure that incoming water pressure is kept below 80psi. This protects the integrity of your plumbing system and also reduces your water bill.

Whistling pipes

A whistling sound coming from pipes is an indicator that the opposite may be occurring – low water pressure.
If your premises has a pressure regulator attached to the incoming water supply, it may be incorrectly adjusted, resulting in low water pressure in your system. We can adjust a pressure regulator for you and ensure that your premises is receiving the right amount of pressure.
However, not all whistling sounds in your plumbing are the result of low water pressure. Pockets of air or debris in your pipes can also cause them to emit a whistling sound. This can be fixed relatively easily, by switching off the water supply and running a tap to drain the pipe as well as any air trapped within. When you turn the water supply on again, the pipes may no longer whistle as the air is gone. If they still whistle, it is a sign of something more serious and you should call us for assistance.

Gurgling drains

Gurgling sounds coming from drains are often an indication of a blocked drain vent, which can prevent water from draining properly. A blocked drain vent can also cause a build-up of material in your pipes and cause blockages and other problems. A gurgling sound could indicate that gasses from the pipes are escaping up through the drain.
We offer a range of premium drain cleaning solutions through our general plumbing service and 24 hour emergency plumber service, so we can clear any blockages or clogs which may be causing drains to gurgle or emit gas.

Shaking or rattling sounds from the toilet

A shaking or rattling sound which occurs when you flush a toilet can be an indication of loose pipes. The pipe fittings will need to be inspected to ensure that they aren’t at risk of coming loose and causing damage to your premises.

Whooshing shower

A whooshing sound from your shower can be an indication that there is a build-up of minerals in your pipes or hot water service. This is particularly common in areas with hard water or high levels of minerals. We can repair the problem by flushing your pipes and removing any built-up mineral sediment.

Dripping sounds from a tap or other fixture:

This may seem minor, but even small leaks can waste huge amounts of water over time. If your fixtures are leaking, they may need replacement or repair. We can install new fixtures and carry out preventative maintenance to prevent any further leakage.
Irregular sounds coming from your plumbing system can be a sign of trouble, so if anything you’ve experienced matches what we’ve written about here, or you have any other questions relating to plumbing noises drain cleaning Melbourne, you should call us today.

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