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Our 24 hour plumbers can replace toilets for you. Due to the regularity with which we use our toilets, it is easy to forget that they too require maintenance and upgrades once in a while like all appliances. Often, we leave it until it’s too late to easily replace the toilet, with blockages or other problems occurring mostly through neglect. In this article, we’ll try and give you an idea of when it might be time to consider upgrading or replacing your toilet.

Signs that it’s time to replace your toilet:


If you’ve had the same toilet in the house for decades, it might be time to consider finding a replacement. Older toilets tend to be far less water efficient, increasing your water bill significantly. If your toilet lacks a dual-flush feature, this is an indication that it was installed before water efficiency was a concern and that it may be time to install a new toilet.

Cracks in the tank

If you notice puddles of water in your bathroom or toilet, it may be that the toilet’s tank/cistern are cracked and need to be replaced. Cracks could be elsewhere in the fixture as well. Any cracks waste a significant amount of water and cause obvious inconvenience to whoever has to use the affected toilet. Cracks in the tank can make it impossible to flush your toilet properly, and cracks in the bowl are very unhygienic.

The toilet is blocked

If your toilet frequently becomes blocked or clogged, it may be time to replace the fixture. If you have flushed things besides human waste, you may have caused damage to the fixture.

Toilet is unstable/wobbles

If your toilet has become loose, and is no longer fitted tightly to the floor, you should contact a plumber immediately. It may be a simple matter of tightening a few bolts, but often a loose fixture can result from rotten floors or damaged pipes beneath the toilet. If this is what’s causing your toilet to sit loosely rather than tightly, you will need help from a professional plumber.

Frequent repairs

Similarly with blocked and clogged toilets, a toilet which requires frequent repairs warrants a replacement. If you are experiencing recurrent problems with the unit’s flushing system or trap, replacing the entire fixture will save you money and inconvenience.

Round bowl toilets

The round bowl design is outdated and inefficient. Elongated toilet bowls have been shown to stay clean for longer and minimise odours. Elongated bowls also offer more seating space. Round toilet bowls may be required in settings with limited space, but your average bathroom has more than enough space for an elongated model.
The above signs are all key indicators that it’s time to replace toilet. If you go without upgrading for too long, you end up spending more money on water bills and repairs anyway. Call us today to replace toilet, or to see if your toilet needs replacing.

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