Seasonal pipe leaks

Seasonal pipe leaks are caused by a range of environmental and human variables. Cold weather is a major problem for plumbing infrastructure, as anything which has the potential to freeze or slow down flow can cause a lot of problems, including burst pipes, blocked drains, and leaks.

If you live in an area which experiences cold weather during the winter months, you should take steps to prevent seasonal pipe leaks. This page contains general advice and guidance on these issues, as it is something that our general plumbing team and 24 hour emergency plumber service deal with regularly.

Winter/cold weather plumbing issues

Frozen pipes

These are an enormous hassle, as not only do frozen pipes fail to deliver water the way they should, they can also burst and cause major damage to your premises.
You should take preventative measures if cold weather is prevalent in your area, such as making sure that any pipes in unheated areas are insulated. If you believe that some of your pipes may be frozen, or at risk of freezing, you should call us immediately so that we can prevent any damage. In the meantime, try and keep the affected area warm to minimise the chance of a pipe burst or seasonal pipe leaks.

Malfunctioning water heater

Low temperatures also affect fixtures and appliances in your home, such as washing machines and hot water systems. The extra stress which low temperatures place on these systems can cause them to fail, so keep an eye out for any rusting, bulging, or cracking in your hot water system and other fixtures. A professional plumber can conduct a thorough assessment of the temperature risk to these systems and act to prevent seasonal pipe leaks.

Roof problems

External plumbing structures, such as storm water drains and gutters, are also negatively affected by low temperatures. Especially where sleet, snow, or ice is concerned, water can back up in these systems and lead to leaks or internalised flooding.
A common sign that this is happening is a leak in the ceiling somewhere, which can cause damage to the structural integrity of the building. You will need to have your home’s external systems thoroughly cleaned and inspected to minimise any potential damage.


A burst pipe is a worst-case scenario, but even relatively small leaks can cause damage to your premises and waste a significant amount of water. These are often caused by repeated expansion and contraction in your pipes, which lead to cracks and leaks over time. Leaks originating in a hard to reach area might go undetected for some time, and can cause significant damage to your walls, ceiling, and electrical infrastructure.
It’s always a good idea to take a proactive approach to plumbing, so it pays to be aware any potential issues, such as those caused by low temperatures. Preventing burst pipes, leaks, and blocked pipes during winter is particularly important, so if you believe this may be an issue for you, call our general plumbing service today to book an inspection and any required services. In case of a seasonal pipe leaks emergency, such as a burst pipe, our 24 hour emergency plumber service can rush to your aid at any time.

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