Sink Trap Cleaning

Sink trap cleaning is an important service provided by our 24 hour plumber and drain cleaning Melbourne team. If your sink drain is blocked, it may be a minor clog which you can dislodge with a plunger. If not, you may need to remove your sink trap in order to get at larger clogs and remove any build-ups that have created the blocked drain. This can be difficult if you lack the tools and experience in drain cleaning, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need assistance. This page will take you through the process of sink trap cleaning and hopefully give you the information you need to perform this drain cleaning task yourself.

Sink trap cleaning- tools you’ll need

When trying your hand at sink trap cleaning, it is always a good idea to start with a plunger and some hot water. This can often be all that’s required to dislodge a blockage and clear a blocked drain. If you have access to a plumbing snake, you can use this as well.
To remove your sink trap for cleaning, you’ll need channel lock pliers to disconnect the pipes, a bucket to catch any water, and a firm brush to dislodge the clog inside the blocked drain. Sink traps are usually a ‘J’ shaped structure below the sink. Place your bucket below the trap as water and other material will flow out when you disconnect it. Simply unscrew the joints attached to the side of the sink trap with your pliers and remove the sink trap. O-rings will be located between the pipes and the sink trap and you should make sure that you don’t lose them.

Clearing the blocked sink trap

Once the sink trap has been removed, you are able to scrub away any hair, soap scum, food waste, or other material which may be causing the blocked drain. Once you’ve scrubbed out whatever was causing the blocked sink trap, it is a good idea to spray out the sink trap and pipes with a hose to flush out any build-up and biofilm.

Finishing the sink trap cleaning job

Once the blocked drain is cleared and the sink trap and pipes have been cleaned, you should replace them and be sure to put back any o-rings that were between the fittings. Ensure that the joints are on tight, but not too tight as this can cause damage (especially to plastic pipes).
Once the fittings are back in place, turn on the tap a little bit to and check if there are any leaks. If not, you’ve finished the sink trap cleaning job and should be proud of yourself!

If you require the 24 hour plumber professionals to do your sink trap cleaning contact Drainfast today! Drainfast are the Drain Cleaning blocked drain and emergency plumber experts of Melbourne. Call Drainfast today on 1300 102 233 or leave a message on our contact form.


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